W. Nick Hill

Poet and Translator

Selected Works of Poetry and Translation

"Belongings," "The Tides," and "Red Truck," the three parts of my previous book, published by Dos Madres Press in April, 2012
Bilingual English / Spanish Poetry written from 1991 to 1997, in the New School Chapbook Series. Finalist in the Sow's Ear Chapbook Contest 1997
The "testimony" of a Cuban slave who later fought in the War of Independence.

Blue Nocturne

You begin writing hexagrams as a practice for daily living. Remember the I Ching?
Only this is your six lines to see in the dark.

This composed book records moments within the sketch of a narrative, a single voice playing in the ear for insomniacs, new romantics, paleo fanciers, anyone who gazes.

As the author says: “This is a work I’ve completed in the dark. Its genesis rests in a book with blue covers I found in a dusty room in Săo Paulo when I was a kid”.

$17. Plus Shipping for International orders.

A meditation on night.

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