W. Nick Hill

Poet and Translator

Selected Works

"Belongings," "The Tides," and "Red Truck," the three parts of my previous book, published by Dos Madres Press in April, 2012
Bilingual English / Spanish Poetry written from 1991 to 1997, in the New School Chapbook Series. Finalist in the Sow's Ear Chapbook Contest 1997
The "testimony" of a Cuban slave who later fought in the War of Independence.


The life story of Esteban Montejo, a cimarrón, or runaway slave, who at an advanced age shared his story for Miguel Barnet in this "testimony" to living in slavery, escaping into the bush, and fighting in the Cuban War of Independence.

According to Manning Marable, Esteban Montejo's story is "A rich portrait of a human being's struggle for dignity during slavery and after emancipation."

...a powerful account of a vanished world...invaluable. -Newsweek

"Its contribution to our understanding of Cuban history and national temperament is no less than its immense appeal as a human testament....All the fire and dash of the Cuban character, the refusal ever to cringe or to give up, take on flesh and meaning in the reminiscences of this stubborn veteran."
--Times Literary Supplement

"An extraordinary record of a bygone era...Montejo reveals an appealing personality as he talks of women, religion, and politics. His descriptions of the activities and treatment of slaves on the Spanish plantations before and after abolition are fascinating. A rare record of history as it was lived..."
--Library Journal

Miguel Barnet lives in Havana, Cuba, where he was born in 1940. He is the originator of the tradition of "Testimonial" fiction in Latin American letters, and he remains the genre's acknowledged master.

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